We are watching the one next to us, just as we pay attention to ourselves

    We believe we can make it and we trust we’ll do the best

    Because life and work can’t be divided


The responsibility and the target

„Ignoranti, quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est” - “If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favorable to him” – these are the famous eternal words of Seneca, reminding us to the importance of the target. We at Clearvision believe, that if we carefully define the goal, then the road ahead can be planned, divided into milestones, staggered, and also enjoyable. That is why we set the goal for ourselves: we want to be a good team of professional engineers, with the core values of outstanding performance and professionalism, serving our customers based on tradition and constant reformation.

According to the philosophy of our company, the essence of IT consulting is to invent and deliver IT solutions that optimally support a company or organization's business and professional goals. Clearvision Ltd. is responsible for the design, development, implementation and operation of IT systems within the application development and system integration services portfolio. Our consultants and partners have many years of experience and the lead consultants are specialized in industries like telecommunication and financial services.

Our specialists use different leading technologies to develop and test our systems. The professional core of the company consists of engineers with technical (IT) qualifications, with many years of professional experience.

We use well known, proven methodologies and tools in our projects.


  • creation and revision of IT strategy
  • designing corporate IT architecture
  • developing and optimizing business processes
  • change management
  • technology consulting
  • preparing and evaluating application procedures

System Development

  • developing custom applications
  • introduction and customization of the shelf applications
  • commercial systems - electronic point of sales
  • customer service solutions
  • creating a unified customer base
  • logistics systems
  • Rule Based Engine solutions
  • GTFS mapping solutions

System Integration

  • Middleware and webservice-based system integration
  • Product Catalogue - Financial Service Providers
  • Commission and Incentive system
  • Virtual Branch System

What we are doing

For decades, we have been working on information technology solutions for telecommunications and financial service providers. We love this job because everything we do is important and interesting. We need to solve new and emerging challenges with newer approaches, methodologies and ever-changing tools. We figure out the future and develop systems people are dreaming about. We are on the first line where future happens. At the beginning, we just talk about it, discuss it, imagine it, walk around and plan it. This is the most important stage, so experience really matters, because we are talking about principles and directions only, something that can be done in the end or not. So far, it has always been possible. If we are done with the planning, then we'll go. We will find the best solution to break the task into measurable and visible parts. We'll do it and test it until it's as we plan it. Then we look for the next task ...

  • we understand the business challenge
  • we choose the optimal solution
  • we will build the system
  • we test and repair
  • finally - we go live and support its operation

Our tools

We should not waste much time describing this, because as long as we’re writing it, is already obsolete... the world is rushing, something new every day. And yet, in classical and agile, on premise and from the cloud, one thing is certain: we are in the heart of it.... We live together with the ever-changing trends and struggles of our industry, we see constant renewal, we are trying and testing the newest solutions and decide. We choose what we think is optimal for solving the problem because there are times when the "quick and dirty" solution is the right thing to do and there are times when we have to plan a system for several years.

Certainly, the basics are always carefully chosen. In the framework of our management consulting, we are mentoring our customers to formulate values ​​and goals and reach them.

Our business consulting methodology is based on LEAN based on multi-year management and professional experience. Our project approach is based on the classic waterfall methodology, but we also take the elements from the agile development methodology as needed, both for roles and processes.

Our system development solutions are mostly based on Oracle technologies, Weblogic based EJB, J2EE environment.


We love our work. What one enjoys, one does well, every task is personal, it is ours. We do not want to let go, but solve it. It is like something that we do for ourselves. That's why we sometimes ask a bit more questions and we always give our opinion..

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Things We’ve done

We have worked in state administration, telecommunication and finance industries so far and somehow, we always deal with customer relations and sales systems. Our first serious project was the migration of NAV's (Hungarian Tax Authority) central customer base, followed by the financial forecasting module developed for the Hungarian State Treasury. In addition, we developed the front end of ATM cash optimization system for various banks. For a mobile telecommunications company, our task was to develop and operate the retail system, commission and bonus system, tariff comparison systems and the data warehouse. We designed, planned and developed the unified customer master database of a major commercial bank. We are proud for presenting the MÁV (Hungarian Railroad) electronic ticket sales system on Google Maps.

Along with these, we have time to develop interesting products, one of which is Virtual Branch System. This is a video presentation supported commercial presentation tool that can play a prominent role in the retail and SMB sales of the financial and telecommunications sector.



  • Life is not a purpose, but a sense ... Things do not start outside, but inside, and not at the bottom but above and not in the visible, but in the invisible.

    “Hamvas Béla”
  • You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

    “Christopher Columbus”

About us

Is there life beyond the multinational companies and the "one-handed" organizations of IT companies in Hungary? Can you build an effective and professional organization without having to give up the human scale and good mood? These questions sound familiar to everybody in the market and we're trying to give you a good answer ...

Clearvision Informatics and Service Ltd. was founded in 2005, and its owners are Hungarian individuals. Our goal was to build on the foundation of the international enterprise structure and culture to provide our clients the flexibility and creativity of medium-sized companies. The core cell of the company's operation is the professional workshop where we are learning from each other and we are constantly evolving.

We carry out application development and system integration activities, our staff members have many years of experience in project management, system engineering, software development and testing in a heterogeneous operating environment. In our first years, we have tried our team in several areas of software and hardware development and since 2008 we undertake project development and migration tasks on a project basis. Our guiding principle is the engineering approach, accurate, detailed design, disciplined execution, and helping and teaching each other as a good team.

Our medium-term plans include the product development, the development of special enterprise systems, and the development of solutions and products targeting the retail market. In the residential area, we would most like to appear in the communication and financial fields with IT products.

Team 1

Horváth Gábor

Business development

Former Sales manager at multinational IT companies he has achieved many business successes for 10 years, andcreated many friendships during this time. From 2008 he is member of the Clearvision team, developing sales and marketing goals, and defining the company's strategic directions. Spends most of his spare time with his wife and two sons, traveling, playing sports.

Team 1

Demeter Zoltán

Head of Technical dept.

Over the past three decades of his professional career, he held expert positions at IT centres and business management positions at multinational companies and is linked for more than 10 years to Clearvision team. Beside the setup and management of the professional team, he also plays determinative role in defining the company's strategic directions. He spends free time with sports and travel.

Team 1

Bánfalvi László

Project Manager

He worked for a number of state institutes, ministries and major Hungarian companies. He is currently the developer and supporter of several IT systems. In 2008, he joined Clearvision team for an exceptional professional challenge as a system designer. Currently he is managing several projects at the main telecommunication customers of the company. In his spare time he enjoys photography, squashing and preparing his two children for the great things of life.

Team 1

Dabi Gábor

Software development lead

He worked as a developer and later as system consultant at state-owned and multinational. In 2008, he joined Clearvision team as a system designer, currently a team leader for key projects. Three boys’ dad, while playing sports (mostly football and squash), hiking, enjoying music.


Here you can reach us, here is our office

We think the phone is personal so, there is no central phone because there would be no one who would pick it up. We are usually @ clients’ place, rarely in the office, so it's easier and faster to contact us by mail. The info(at)clearvision(point)hu is the most suitable for this. If you want to send us a classic letter, our mailing address:

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